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Listed below are a few of our many confidential services to create
a plan that will reinvent your venue.  

100pt VIP (Venue Impact Profitability) 

We have researched and identified over 100 attributes that can potentially impact venue profitability.  Our 100pt VIP provides you with an experienced consultant that will review your venue and sales & booking process.  Upon completion of this service we will  generate a detailed report of our findings.  We then conduct a review and feedback session with you and your team.

Market Research 

There are over 300 venues in Northeast Ohio.   All Events Consulting will conduct an extensive review of what other venues are charging and promoting  in your area.   Our Competitive Analysis will help you understand how your current pricing structure fits within the market based on your specific clientele.

Staff Training 

Your staff is your brand! The quality of service your staff provides can determine the overall success of your venue.  From your sales and event staff to your service level staff, we offer several training programs that can ensure that they are the best of the best in the industry. 

Venue Promotion 

Where are you promoting your venue? We will work with you to review your current promotion plan, social media presence, web design and advertising.  Then we will put together a plan to increase visibility, marketing and generate new customers.

Remodel/Renovation Plan

Have you ever wondered what other professionals think about your venue? We team up with Northeast Ohio's Premiere industry experts to give you a plan for design,  updates and improvements. This plan will allow you to  increase ease of use and profitability of venue.  

Profit & Loss Analysis 

In order to run a profitable business you must know where your money is being spent, saved and lost. This analysis will provide a confidential review of your financials along with a plan to increase profits and decrease cost.  

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